Rockson has truly gone through a great deal on the unscripted TV drama, date rush. He is adorable and attractive however whenever he puts his scramble for a woman he is keen on, he gets only dissatisfaction and awfulness. At the point when the show was reaching a conclusion, he almost got a date yet nothing new happened once more. It’s anything but a period he even uncovered he wasn’t getting a date as a result of his twisted hair.
In the following scene, his hair was unbraided however yet still he didn’t get a date. Rockson was available the evening of gathering and spread the word about it for Giovani that, he isn’t single once more. He said he is currently dating a woman called Rose who is living external Ghana. His disclosure about the new improvement fulfilled a many individuals since everyone was wishing him great to discover love. He got around nine heartbreaks on the show.
Rockson is an extremely quiet fellow and he was not seen talking much on the show yet with regards to moving, he is number one. He actually depicted his quiet way of life on date surge gathering. Giovani was glad to hear he is presently dating. We wish him well in his recently discovered love. Congrats to him too.


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