A crush can be exciting but can also be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to talk to her. Whether you’re hoping she’ll notice you or you want to make sure your crush knows you exist, here are some tips on how to chat with a girl you have a crush on and keep her attention so she knows who you are!

1) Become the type of guy she likes

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The first step to becoming successful with a girl you have a crush on is to become a guy she will like. This might sound counter-intuitive, but it’s true. The only way for you to become successful with your crush is to do things that align with her values, beliefs, and goals in life (not yours).

In other words, before you can attract a girl, you must first become someone who fits into her world—someone she would date or at least be open to dating. And yes, it will probably take some time and effort before you start seeing results. But trust us: It’s worth it.

2) Start conversations smoothly

Crush, Crushing, Dating
There are a couple of things you can do to make sure that you start conversations smoothly. The first is to simply be mindful of where you’re at, who else is around, and what you want from them; for example, if your goal is to score a number or get her out on a date then don’t open with something as I heard of your brother.

He was arrested for robbing an old lady outside a 7-11 last week! Be tactful and polite. It might seem obvious but it’s worth stating anyway: conversation should start with small talk not complimenting her figure or commenting on how beautiful she looks tonight.

3) Know when to talk and when to shut up

Crush, Crushing, Dating
Most importantly, make sure you know how to chat. If you struggle with things to say or can’t seem to hold a conversation, you need to learn basic conversation skills—and fast. Practicing these simple tips is a great place to start. Then, once you’ve got your foundation in place, read up on general dating ideas and common pitfalls of dating.

These guides will teach you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to chatting with women—and they’ll help ensure that your relationship stays strong and healthy over time. All it takes is a little effort! You can do it! It just might take some time before she considers making out with you as much as she wants donuts at 3 am. 🙂

4] Don’t Be A Dull Guy

So many guys have no idea how to make small talk with women, not because they’re naturally shy or socially awkward but because they’ve been raised in a world where women are scary and intimidating. That’s no way to go through life. So make it your mission to be a better communicator; learn how to ask people about themselves and practice being interested in other people—no matter who they are or what you think of them.

The more you open up your mind, show interest in others, and remember that everyone is just a human being like yourself, the less intimidating dating will seem—and you’ll stop getting passed over for dates by better communicators who’ll land the girl of their dreams instead.

5] Make Her Happy When She Is Down

Crush, Crushing, Dating
When we’re in a relationship, it is easy to get caught up with our own needs and desires. Once you learn how to make a girl happy, it is easy to do so again and again – but only if you care about her as much as she cares about you.

When a woman goes through something difficult in her life, whether that be the death of a loved one or something as simple as having an off day at work, communicating your support will strengthen your relationship. If she knows that you are willing to listen and comfort her, then she will want more from you over time. Helping her when she down ensures that she will lean on you, even more, when she’s not feeling great.

6] Be A Round Guy

Crush, Crushing, Dating
If you’re new to relationships, consider yourself lucky that you can be inexperienced in love. Though being a neophyte means you won’t have much experience to draw from when your date goes awry, being new is also an advantage: Girls like guys who seem charmingly unprofessional (in a good way).

Don’t know how to give her a foot massage? Ever tried cooking for someone? Don’t worry about it! Remember: girls are impressed by men who put forth effort without knowing exactly what they’re doing. It means that they care, and even if they fail spectacularly, they never get mad at you for trying in earnest.

Also, we need to note that there’s a difference between having a crush on someone and being in love with them. If you want to get over your infatuation with someone, it’s important to focus on being more platonic.

Most of all, keep yourself busy and try not to dwell on your crushes too much. Even if they don’t know you exist, that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about you!


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