Boyfriend is a person’s regular male companion with whom they have a romantic or sexual relationship.

Boyfriend, true love

Boyfriend, Generally, the use of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” by anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, is usually used to mean someone that person has a serious relationship with: they are a “couple”.


This article helps you with expert tips on how to make your boyfriend miss you like crazy over text.

1. Set up a time to get together

He’ll get excited to see you if you plan a date. Planning when to see each other helps build up his anticipation so he misses you even more until your date.

Throw out a fun suggestion for something to do so you can hang out and spend time with one another. Let him know how eager you are too so your crush or boyfriend knows you’re missing him too. “I’m so excited to see you again! When are you free later this week?” “I’d love to get dinner with you this weekend Does Saturday night work?” “You. Me. Bowling. This Wednesday. Think you can beat me?

2. Turn him on with a s€xy message

You’re bound to get his attention with a steamy text.

Tease at what you want to do with your crush or boyfriend in bed or send him a sexy selfie to grab his attention. Don’t be too explicit and leave a little up to the imagination to make him want you even more.

Your boyfriend will be so excited to see you, he’ll be counting down the minutes until you can get together again. “Just imagine what we’d be doing if we were together right now” “ I’m getting turned on just thinking about you!” “Tell me what you want me to do to you ”

3. Send a cute goodnight text

Sending a message before bed makes him think of you all night long. After a long day, a guy will love seeing that he’s the last person you text before falling asleep.

Flirt a little bit and tell him how much you miss him so he wishes he could be right next to you in bed. “Goodnight, I’ll see you in my dreams!” “I don’t know how I’ll be able to sleep with you on my mind.” “I wish I could fall asleep in your arms tonight ❤️

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4. Keep your messages positive

Guys are more likely to respond to lighthearted texts. When you complain or talk about topics that bring the mood down, he might reply less. Talk about the things he likes to do, make him laugh, and use emojis to make your texts sound more fun so he wants to keep chatting with you. If you need to have a serious conversation, do it in person instead.

5. Make yourself less available

Limit how much you text him to make him want you more. If you’re always messaging your crush or you respond immediately, he might think that you’re waiting by your phone for him. He’ll miss you if you don’t start every convo, so wait for him to make the first move now and then. When you get a text from him, it’s okay to wait for a few hours before responding so he gets more excited after he gets your text.

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