Black Sherif former management was unsuccessful in its attempt to prevent the musician from performing his songs in court.

The legal dispute that arose between Black Sherif and his former manager, Shadrack Agyei Owusu, who took him to court in an effort to prevent him from performing his songs, has been resolved in Black Sherif’s favor. Kwaku The Traveller was one of Black Sherif’s most successful singles.

It has come to light that the case was rejected by the High Court (Commercial Division), which was presided over by Her Ladyship Justice Akua Sarpomaa Amoah (Mrs).

On April 11, 2022, Shadrach initiated legal action against the artist, claiming, among other things, breach of contract as well as damages totaling more than one million yen.

In addition, he petitioned the court for an injunction to prevent the musician from showcasing his abilities and making money off of them until the matter was tried and a verdict was rendered.

According to Ghana Weekend, Mr. Agyei Owusu also requested the appointment of a receiver to manage and account for the proceeds from performances and streams of Black Sherif’s music.

He also requested interim preservation.
According to the arguments made by his legal team, the artist will waste the money if this is not done.

After filing a defense and counterclaim on behalf of Black Sherif, the attorneys for the artist argued against the motion. Their client was led by Samson Lardy Anyenini, who was in charge of the legal team.

Ghana Weekend can confirm that the judge ruled today that the plaintiff failed to make a compelling case for the injunction and related orders he sought from the court. The judge made this determination in her ruling.
According to the ruling of Justice Sarpomaa Amoah, the defendant will be subjected to serious injustice if the application is allowed. The court found that after
Black Sherif had terminated the contract, there was evidence indicating that Black Sherif was no longer bound by the terms of the contract, and this evidence has not been contested.

Mr. Anyenini expressed his gratitude to the court and stated that he would be waiving the cost against the plaintiff since he believes that this will not assist the parties in their ongoing efforts to reach a mutually agreeable resolution to the problem.

The lawsuit was filed after it was discovered that Black Sherif had allegedly signed a distribution deal with Empire Music without first obtaining Shadrack’s permission, who was also his manager and funder.


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