Big Akwes, a controversial Kumawood actor, has told a heartbreaking story of his mother reportedly murdering his father with the assistance of a fetish priest.

According to Big Akwes, his mother reportedly murdered his father because of the various properties he had amassed for himself. He said that the whole thing started when his father took his mother to a house and a house project he was working on in Abuakwa Manhyia, a Kumasi neighborhood in the Ashanti area.

He explained that because his father was a well-known pharmacist, he wanted to establish his own hospital and therefore began the project to a highly respectable level before surprise his wife by taking her there to witness the project.

Big Akwes went on to say that after his father showed his mother the land and told her it would be hers and his children when he died, the mother traveled to Nkoranza in the Bono East region to meet a fetish priest through his father’s chauffeur who was from that area.

According to the father’s driver, he was told to wait outside when he brought Big Akwes’ mother to meet his uncle, the fetish priest. He claimed that after a brief discussion between Big Akwes’ mother and the uncle fetish priest, the uncle emerged from the room, fired some rounds into the air, and then returned to the room.

According to him, the driver indicated that the meeting continued for approximately 15 minutes longer until the mother walked out of the room and instructed him to take her back to Kumasi without informing him what transpired during the meeting.

The famed Kumawood actor confessed that his father was suffering from chest issues, with blood oozing out everytime he coughed. His mother also refused to take him to the hospital because the fetish priest had instructed her to keep the father at home if the symptoms appeared.

Listen to the complete narration below.


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