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Beautiful Lady looking for a boyfriend,  It is a wonderful feeling to love and be loved by people who are close to our hearts.

Normally, it’s men who make advances towards ladies, but civilization has made people believe that there is nothing wrong if women make the first move towards men.

However, this impression is not normal in Africa because it is not part of our culture and tradition, it is only in the western part of the world where they believe in gender equality that they find this a normal thing to do.

In Africa, it is becoming more obvious that women are no longer afraid to make advances towards the men they love. Some women are now proposing to men in public, whereas it’s the men who are known for doing that. Some ladies don’t even care anymore if a man is single or married, all they want is just to be a wife and live under the same roof as a man.

This is due to the continued increase of females compared to their male counterparts, the hardship in Africa is another factor that is making women explore their options.

A beautiful lady has shocked the general public after she encouraged men to make love proposals to her on social media.

The chubby lady shared pictures of herself with the caption “who is ready to be my boyfriend for a week?”. “I will spend money on you if you can satisfy me every night”. While this sounds strange, we must realize that the lady was trying to shoot her shot at men who can meet her relationship demands.

She shared the post on Facebook but she did not share her contact details on the post, and some people are finding it difficult to believe that a lady can be so courageous to even think about making relationship advances towards men online. The most amazing part is that she even promised to spend money on the lucky man, but not all men can meet her demand to satisfy her sexually all night.

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