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A baby who is only 10 months old has been found dead at Nyanyano, just 30 minutes drive from Iron City, where the viral ‘sakawa ring’ incident took place.

Emmanuel Otabil, a gentleman had worn a ring belonging to his friend and it ended up ‘eating’ up his finger

The owner of the ring indicated that he was bound to lose his finger if a baby was not sacrificed to remove it.

A 10-month old baby has been found buried alive at Nyanyano in Kasoa just a few hours after the mysterious ‘sakawa ring’ worn by one young man named Emmanuel Otabil was removed by a supposed powerful mallam.

In the latest report by UTV that was sighted by, it is indicated that the site where the baby was buried is just 30 minutes drive from Iron City where the ring-incident happened at.

It is also reported that the baby’s mouth was filled with a polythene bag and buried in a lot of sand.

The 10-month old was removed by the police after strange locals saw the heap of sand and started clearing it to see what was beneath it with curiosity.

Baby found dead at Kasoa hours after ‘Sakawa Ring’ was removed by mallam
Baby found dead at Kasoa hours after ‘Sakawa Ring’ was removed by mallam Credit: Angel TV

Residents are drawing a link between the two events as news spread that the ring that was stuck on the gentleman’s finger would only be removed when a baby is sacrificed.

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