Don’t hang around with poor people. And some people take itwrong way.

People without money, that’s just one form of poor. There are many, many form of poor.

Today am going to share with you the seven mentalities that make people poor.


Do you know people who walk around all day; they just look defeated, right?

They are saying to you, you know, why brother trying. They have lost hope.

Maybe they’ve been burned before, they have failed before.

They make mistake before, but now they all giving up. They saying to you all the time

“Oh, it can’t be done.
It’s impossible. Hey, don’t even try that. “I tried that before”. You see just because they can’t do something, now they’re selling you, they’re telling you why you cannot do it either.

They are poor in spirit.


There are people who are dumb. Thinking they’re smart. And there are people who are smart playing dumb.

You want to be the fourth type. When I’m talking about wisdom, I’m not just talking about knowledge because knowledge does not equal wisdom I don’t mean school smart, being academic intelligent, am talking about way move than that, because as a human being, if you’re talking to people that they’re not learning, they are not becoming better every single day when talking to them, do you know what I’m talking about?

Comment below that it lacks depth. They are talking about the weather, they’re chit-chatting about their problem, and they’re talking about their jobs. It’s very tasteless. You don’t want to do that.

Wisdom is very different from knowledge.

Knowledge is knowing what you can do,

Wisdom is knowing when not to do it

Knowledge is daily increase, and wisdom is daily decrease.


They lie, cheat, and steal. They lack integrity. They promise you to do something, and they don’t do it. Basic character right? And this people are people that you could never count on. You can’t trust them. You can’t rely on them. They say that they’ll back you up. They never back you up. Basic, basic integrity. Poor in character.

They are lazy. They procrastinate. They value comfort instead of freedom and success.

They take drugs, they smoke. They drink. Stay away from those people. You see, you are a Product of your environment. You cannot help but be influence by people around you.
Successful people, they just simply have better habits. That is it. So stay away from those people.



You see, what is most contagious is not a positive attitude. It is a negative attitude. These are the energy drainers. They drain the life out of you.

They suck the energy out of you. Whenever you have a conversation with them, after the conversation, you feel like you need to take shower because all their bullshit and negativity.


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