Approaching women in the street can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re not entirely sure of your game and trying to get back into dating after some time out. That said, there are certain do’s and don’ts that can help you come across as charming rather than sleazy, and we’ll cover them all in this article on how to approach a lady in the street. We’ll even cover some specific situations like approaching her during the day or at night!

What is your purpose?
Many men may feel uncomfortable or even scared when it comes to approaching women they find attractive. However, while this feeling is natural, it doesn’t have to be detrimental. In fact, if you’re able to make your move without fear of rejection or intimidation, you’ll be more likely to get the girl. To help you with this daunting task we’ve put together some dos and don’ts for approaching women on the street.
Do approach her from behind so that she can see your face before noticing you are standing there
Don’t stare at her like a creep
Does look confident but not cocky
Don’t try too hard – she’ll notice right away

If you see a woman looking lost, ask if she needs help
If you see a woman looking lost, do not be afraid to ask if she needs help. Women may feel more comfortable talking with other women about their situation. Asking if she needs help can lead to some helpful advice or an offer of assistance. If you are not feeling confident in your ability to provide assistance, try asking for directions instead. A simple question like, “Do you need any help? can lead to an opportunity for both parties involved.

Don’t be offensive when offering help
If you see someone who looks lost on the street, it is important not to be offensive or intrusive when offering help. It is always best to ask if they need any help before proceeding. If you are going up to someone, don’t put your hand out for them shake it. This gesture can be seen as very forward and rude. It’s better just to ask, do you need any help?

Ask open questions after introducing yourself
So you’ve finally worked up the courage to approach that cute lady on the street. What do you say? That depends on what you’re looking for. approachIf your intention is just to make friends with her, consider something like Hi, how are you? This will give her an opportunity to talk about herself without putting any pressure on her. But if your intention is something more than just friendship, it’s not as simple as asking Do you want to go out sometime? She may think that you’re coming onto her aggressively or trying too hard.

Stay on topic
When it comes to approaching a woman on the street, there are a few things you should do and also things you should not do. If you’re going to approach her, make sure that your intentions are pure. You want her to know that you want nothing but conversation with her. If she is interested, she’ll let you know. She might even give you her phone number or tell you where she lives so that you can contact her later if need be.

Be empathetic
We all know that approaching a lady you don’t know, without an introduction, can be tough. You need to figure out what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it, and what you’re going to do once she says hello. It can be especially difficult if this is your first time doing it or if there are some obstacles getting in your way. This post will give you some guidelines for approaching her with as much confidence as possible.

Practice with friends before meeting strangers
If you’re going to approach a lady in the street, here are some things you should know before you do. First, it never hurts to prepare by practicing with friends who will give feedback on your approach.

Second, when approaching her, make sure that she has eye contact with you.
Third, start off by saying hello and introducing yourself.
Fourth, wait for her response before continuing any conversation with her.
Fifth, don’t be too aggressive or fast in your advances because she may misinterpret your intentions as being sexual harassment. And finally, don’t talk about anything too personal without first getting her consent to do so.

8 ) Get her phone number so you have an excuse to follow up
Hey, I saw you walking down the street and thought you were really beautiful. Would you mind giving me your phone number? I want to ask you out. You are so pretty, can I have your phone number please? No problem! Let’s exchange numbers then!


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