Controversial Afia Schwar, a Ghanaian actress, has lashed out against the Ghana Police Service following the murder of one of its officers, Emmanuel Osei.

Osei was killed lately while escorting a bullion truck in James Town by armed guys.

Schwar in an Instagram video that a few years ago, she had some business colleagues from whom she single-handedly requested bulletproof coats.

According to her, she took samples of the jacket to the Ghana Police Service to test and certify if it would be OK for her to import more for them given her access to 20,000 bulletproof jackets.

Afia stated that she had not heard from the police until today because some people assumed she was an NDC member and would not want to give credit to the political party.

She stated unequivocally that more similar fatalities are on the horizon as a result of the police force’s attitude.


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