Edouard Mendy Joins Chelsea a year ago today

OIP - A year ago today Edouard Mendy joined Chelsea football club   The 6 foot 6 inches goalkeeper spent his early years in France alongside his siblings which include a sister. Edouard Mendy’s cousin is Ferland Mendy whom he also grew up with. Till date, smiles radiate from his face whenever he recalls the happy moments he had with his siblings. He became a passionate lover of the game. Even as a son of immigrant parents , abject poverty has no chapter in the goalkeepers bio. This implies that he came from a middle class family. In fact his parents did a great job raising him without lack.

As a little boy he fell deeply in love with soccer above anything else. More so he was with the dream of wanting to become a professional footballer .His parents helped position him to achieve his dreams by enrolling him at LE HAVRE CAUCRIAUVILLE FOOTBALL CLUB when he was 7 years old

While taking his first steps in the sport at the club , he had several soccer idols he looked up to including Fabian Bartinez. He went on to LE HAVRE ATHLETIC CLUB where he perfected his goalkeeping basics. Despite becoming good,  Edouard was not the first goalkeeper of the club . He was stuck behind a more talented ZACHARIE BOUCHER , a development which made him drop levels to play with CS MUNICIPAUX.

The goalkeeping protégé eventually began his professional career with AS CHERBOURG where he didn’t get enough play time. When his contract with the club expired in 2014,he had offers to join other clubs but he had sights on playing in a league outside France. His ex agent back them promised to seal a deal for him but sadly it didn’t work and the then 22 year old became jobless. He said ”i tried to contact him but he never responded , I heard nothing from him except a text wishing me good luck for the future”. He spent a full year looking for he job which he got none. He wanted to quit the sport.


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