Reports were overflowing on the sad passing of one famous Slay Queen at Kasoa known as Ama Broni, who hails from Akwatia.

Reports conveyed on the web and on radio that Ama Broni kicked the bucket at the Liberia Camp at Kasoa during a street carnival after some youngsters fondled her when she twerked stripped in front of an audience at an outside occasion.

However, in a sharp unforeseen development, a said dear companion of Ama Broni while she was alive has come out to bring to the table an alternate record of what really unfolded at the carnival before she kicked the bucket.

The said companion whose name was retained addressed them only and unveiled that what has been accounted for in the media doesn’t mirror the genuine record of occasions that prompted Ama Broni’s passing.

A close friend of Ama Broni uncovered that at the carnival, a challenge was tossed to the group that whoever had the option to twerk vigorously would be given $100 — a sum that is equal to Ghc583.

Wanting to make some cool money, Ama Broni responded to the call and hit the stage to move, a choice that saw her going stripped all the while.

Her presentation in front of an audience was met with badgering by the crowd and others around as their obsessions prompted some contacting her.

Ama Broni is said to have chosen to carry her insane presentation to an end and made a beeline for the behind the stage subsequent after getting the prize cash.

While advancing down the stage, the deceased was shocked yet didn’t get any type of help from the crowd who just looked on the grounds that they evidently thought she was as yet in her hyper mind-set until she tumbled down vulnerably and inert.

She was rushed to the clinic however we lost her.


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