Shatta Wale, self broadcasted dancehall lord, has experienced harsh criticism for announcing that the issue in Ghana is the adolescent, and that we can’t tolerate upping and battle for our privileges as residents. A significant number of his allies were rankled by the circumstance. In recordings, a few group can be seen eliminating stickers of him from their ownership. Shatta Wale explained things in a live video:

“Good evening, everybody; I simply needed to communicate my sympathies to the groups of those killed in Ejura.” We don’t need anything like this to occur in Ghana. Allow me to come to the heart of the matter and disclose why I chose to make this video. I was additionally affected by the new downpour, to where my cars were cleared away by the waterway, and they were totally demolished. I have video film to show you.”

“Individuals who talk enormous English, similar to the person in my inbox, threaten me extraordinarily. In the event that you communicate in English well, you could possibly persuade me to enlist you as my letter essayist; at any rate, you’ll have something minuscule in your pocket to fulfill your thirst. Individuals from the ghetto who can compose huge language structure to represent us. What’s more, in case I’m attempting to disclose something to you and you don’t get it, maybe another conciliatory sentiment I can stretch out to jobless alumni is that, if it’s not too much trouble, comprehend, I wasn’t conversing with you. Since I don’t have any acquaintance with you, you could be an alum of a specific organization, and I can’t assault you since I don’t have the foggiest idea what your identity is.”

“I know a many individuals believe I’m insane, and some even think I have oil in my mind, so I simply make statements without deduction.” Anyone who went to Winneba Secondary School can verify the way that I was a helpless understudy in school. Test results went somewhere in the range of 1% and 4%. Music, social examinations, and English were the solitary subjects where I dominated. My dad knows that I chose my life. I disclosed to him that school would not help me. Thus, in the event that you can compose great English like this to impact a few of us who are hustling in the city… I don’t fault you in light of the fact that Ghanaian music has made the entirety of this conceivable.”

“Some of you guarantee that I am criticizing taught imbeciles, graduates, and others. I don’t know what that person in my inbox was attempting to advise me. Since you are one of my admirers, on the off chance that you can talk fine English like this, come to me and get yourself recruited as my representative. You captivated me to talk, and presently I’m in serious trouble with various people.


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